Gift Guide - Coffee

If you're looking for coffee themed gifts this season, we have compiled a gift guide for all ages of items we don't already sell in our store but we recommend these products to our customers. You can purchase the items from this page by clicking on the photo. That will take you to another site to purchase. By clicking on the photo and going directly to the item we get "credit" for the recommendation and that helps support our business and family. Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas! With Love, Meg


Our customers love our little coffee shop play area that was inspired by our four kids. Children of all ages (and some adults!) are delighted by the wooden toys we've selected for that space. We have the original green version of this coffee maker but we love this sleek black one and it comes with two mugs - a definite plus, as they are hard to come by. 


These gooseneck kettles are ideal for making coffee or tea at home. (They even make great little watering pitchers for small or hard to reach plants!) We recommend and use this one in particular because of the ability to set the temperature of the water. 


Lastly, and probably most importantly is a grinder. This is where you make or break your coffee. We are more than happy to help you with grind size and how to adjust your grinder and offer classes for making coffee at home featuring the equipment we recommend (See Calendar for more info). A good conical burr grinder will help get the coffee a more consistent size than a spinning blade. 


We have a variety of coffee equipment on our retail shelves but by far the favorite is the Chemex. We sell filters for all our coffee makers in our webshop but get asked about the reusable filter we use that is similar to this one. This is a great deal and we love using ours. It stores easily in the coffee maker and saves space. 


If you want to go full on coffee maker at home. This is the one we choose. We prefer making coffee by hand, but this is a great company and fantastic machine that makes for an excellent cup. We trust Bona Vita and use their products in our shop.